These sleeping headbands are made from moisture-wicking and sweat-resistant materials. This feature helps to absorb moisture and keeps the headband dry, even during intense workouts or activities that induce perspiration. It prevents discomfort and potential damage to the headphones caused by sweat, ensuring a longer lifespan for the device

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    "Wonderful product, I love it, as soon as my wife prove it, she says is amazing, now I have to buy one for her and another one for her friend."

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  • G T.

    "Excellent, really comfortable to wear, especially in bed so i can listen to an audiobook or light music. Recommended to all."

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    "It took only 6 days to arrive and it is much better than others that I have had of the style, much more range and much more battery... Highly recommended especially with what it costs."

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    "I love it, it's very compact so you can carry it around anywhere and the sound quality is crisp"

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